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What Students Want For Christmas

Christmas break at Arrowhead High School starts December 23rd, 2023. Students are eager for the approaching holiday break and gift-giving. 


“I want new clothes, makeup, some college dorm items like new bedding, storage, etc. And some Pokemon cards,” says senior Brittain Wittig.


Her most ideal stores to get these items from is Target and Game Stop.


Every student is different and each year the desire for gifts changes based on growing trends and personal preferences. 


“I want one of those remote starters for my car so I don’t have to go out and start it manually,” says senior Delany Logan.


Some students prefer a functional and practical gift while others prefer a sentimental gift. For Logan, her remote control starter can start her vehicle just by pushing the lock button then pushing and hold the engine start to start her car.


“I want Pokemon cards because I like collecting things and this has been something from my childhood that I’ve carried with me. And new clothes, makeup, college dorm stuff because they’re stuff I need for next fall,” says Wittig.


“I want the remote start cause we live in Wisconsin and my car is frozen every single morning,” says Logan.


According to, the average temperature for December in Hartland Wisconsin is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. During January it is predicted to be 24.5 degrees.


Christmas is not only about giving and receiving gifts but also about the break, which gives students a chance to spend time with family and friends.


“Physical gifts are always nice, but I do appreciate the family gatherings and meals we get to share together, especially because I don’t get to see a lot of these people all the time,” says Wittig.


The idea of Christmas is to embody the spirit of giving, fostering a sense of community and warmth during the holiday season.


“I am excited, I’m getting gifts for my mom and my boyfriend this year,” says senior Arianna Daughtery.

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