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Tips for the Upcoming Math Test

This Friday, in Mark Leoni’s Pre-Calc class, there will be a math test with a calculator portion and a no calculator portion. With this comes questions about how to do “good studying.” There are many different ways to study and many different ways that work for different people. 


For example, some students said the review packets their teacher gives them is the right amount of studying for them. 


Senior Rachel Kleinhans said, “I like doing the review packet. It helps a lot.” 


However, other students mentioned they need to do different things in order to understand the topic at hand. Some mentioned they like to do the practice problems in the blue notes packet each night in order to keep reviewing the topics learned that day. 


A new thing this year, that many students say they are not used to, is the fact that because this class is a higher level of math, no notecards are allowed for the tests. Students have stated that this has changed the way they need to study for the tests in math. 


Senior Sam Schafer said, “I used to make a notecard but now that I can’t I like to review every night so that when I get the review packet I know what I am doing.” 


Another study tip, that many students said was helpful, was to look back at the lesson videos on Canvas. Students, for this math test coming up specifically, stated they like how they can go back to whatever lesson they want and re-look at it. 


For this upcoming test, there are formulas that must be memorized. Some questions will ask students to solve for a certain variable, inequality, domain, ect. and for each one of those there is a different formula that is needed in order to get the answer correct. 


In order to memorize formulas, some students stated they like to write them down over and over again as well as review when they would need to use the formulas. 


Senior Elsa Piering said, “When I can do well on the review packet it helps me to know that then I can do well on the test.” 


Senior Taylor Thimmesch said, “I go through my math packet each day of the lessons we learned in class to review.” 

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