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A Place To Be Scared

With the scary buildings, people jumping out being scary, the time of year approaching comes one big question, where is a haunted house place that is really good?  


Senior Naomi Little said, “The Hills Has Eyes is my favorite one ever. I go every year.” 


The Hills Has Eyes is located at 7005 S Ballpark Dr, Franklin, WI 53132.


The Hills Has Eyes has four haunted houses that are each different with their own theme/type of scary. All four haunted houses are included with the price. 


They are open Friday and Saturday from 6PM-12Am and then Sunday they have parties/reservations for bigger groups.  When purchasing tickets, attendees pick their time slots. 


The price is $35 for a normal pass and $45 for a VIP pass on Fridays and on Saturdays it is $40 for a normal pass and then $50 for VIP pass. This ticket covers a two hour long experience of terror. To add, ticket options for times are from 6pm-8pm, 8pm-10pm, and then 10pm-12am. 


The difference between a VIP ticket and a normal ticket is that a VIP ticket allows those who purchase to skip the lines as they are going to each of the four houses. While just a normal ticket those who purchase would have to wait in the lines. These lines just depend on the night and amount of people for how long they would take. Normally they range from 10-20 minutes of waiting.  


With the four houses, one is the Failed Escape where one is trying to get through those who went mad from an exposure to toxic waste, scaring those every chance they get. 


Another one being Hungary Hello where cannibals who now live the lifestyle of hillbillies have now completely let go of their humanity. With this those who enter will see some terrifying lifestyle choices they have chosen to partake in.  


“It’s so awesome. One of the best ones I have ever been to,” said Little. 


Next will be the CarniVore where there’s clowns all around a carnival-like building as those who make it to this house are trying to pass through without becoming too frightened for the one more left to pass through. 


Lastly, Dead End where the ones who enter are trying to escape before you hit the dead end with no escape, trapped, and can’t run any more. 


“I love getting scared,” said senior Hailee Paaske.

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