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Arrowhead Parking Prices Compared to Other Area High Schools and a Local College

Arrowhead Parking Prices Compared to Other Area High Schools and a Local College

Arrowhead Union High School policy allows students to drive a car to school every day and have it parked for $200 a year. The price to park at Arrowhead has gone up over the past few years. Former student Max Siade-Cox, who graduated in 2019, says he remembers paying $125 or $150 when he was at Arrowhead.

Siade-Cox said, “I can’t believe how much the parking has gone up in cost, when I went to school there it was more manageable. Now it just seems like too much of an investment.” 


With the price at $200, some parents pay for their kids to park. Arrowhead gives parents and students the option to pay in installments if they can’t pay it all at one time. 


Jennifer Justice, one of the secretaries at Arrowhead says, “Students have the option to pay the money in installments. It’s $50 for the first quarter which ends on November 9th, and then from there, students have the opportunity to pay in increments so that any student can accommodate the price.” 

Muskego High School charges their students an annual fee of $125 but it comes with a $75 school fee and a $10 random drug test before the students can get their permit. 


At Wauwatosa East, students don’t have the option to pay for parking because they don’t have enough lot space; the lot space can only be used for teachers of the school.  


Wauwatosa West’s parking fee is $20 for both semesters.  

Justice says, “If students are not allowed to park the whole year, Arrowhead does have the option of giving three temporary day parking passes a semester. They are $2 each and you can get them in the office in the morning on your way to class.”  


At Greenfield High School, the parking fee for everyday students is $115 with no extra fees or school registration add-ons. 


Students attending Waukesha County Technical College or WCTC receive free parking every day for the whole school year that they are attending. This is due to students attending the school and also being enrolled in curricular classes which lets students have a reward for driving and being able to park for free.

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