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What Students Like More—Math or English Classes?

Two of Arrowhead’s core classes, math and English, are among the most popular classes that Arrowhead offers. 


Arrowhead offers 21 math options starting from Algebra to Geometry at South campus, to North campus where American Math and Statistics one or two and Functions are most common for Juniors, to more classes at North for mostly seniors like Advanced Placement Math, like AP stats, or AP calcs, etc. 


Most math classes like, Algebra A or B, Advanced Algebra, Functions, Pre-Calc, etc. meet every day for 40 minutes. Two of Arrowhead’s math AP’s meet for 60 minutes which is AP Calculus AB and BC. There are also only two math classes that meet for two periods everyday and that is the Geometry/Advanced Algebra combined class, and the Algebra B/Geometry combined class. 


Arrowhead offers 18 different English classes that are available to all of the students. Most of the English classes tend to be at North campus except for English 9 or 10 which is at south and AP Lang which is at both campuses. The other classes that are at North are English block, to Composition, Creative Writing, and Speech classes at North campus offered to Juniors and Seniors. 


Senior Sara Pfeiffer says it’s a hard decision to make between taking classes that are either boring or challenging. She said, “I think my math class is more challenging than the composition class that I took and way more engaging.”


Where Pfeiffer thinks math is more engaging, senior Bree Stoeger thinks the opposite. She likes English more and says, “I really don’t like math and cannot stay focused with the teacher I have.” 


Senior Dani Stemper, has a different viewpoint on math class, and says it is her favorite out of the two, but says she doesn’t like English classes because she doesn’t think she is creative. 


Stemper says, “I also think numbers are easy.”  


English classes like Composition and Creative Writing meet for two periods every other day; American literature, modern literature, world literature, and British literature are one period everyday, and the AP English classes are 60 minutes everyday.


Schaefer said, “I don’t think some of the English classes, like Comp, should be a two period class.” 


To counteract certain statements above, senior Sophie Nowak said, “I like reading more than math because numbers are boring.”


A thought with that is standardized test scores. Take last year’s for example: the Math portion tended to be better than the English portion for students. The Math scores average was 23.50 on the ACT and the English scores average was 21.70 ACT score. The overall ACT score for Arrowhead students last year was 23.30. 


As senior Rachel Kleinhans said, “I am fine with either class but I would rprefer to read my own books.” 

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