What Students Did For Senior Skip Day

The day that Arrowhead Highschool Seniors have been waiting for has finally come. Arrowhead Highschools traditional Senior skip day. Senior skip day is just as it sounds seniors get a day off of school that every senior plans and takes a vote on for what day they will all not be coming to school.


Senior sip day is a tradition but one thing to know is its not a day that all seniors get excused out of. Seniors are still expected to come to school that day but most of them don’t show up. Seniors are only excused if your parents or family calls you in for an excused absence. 


Nolan Klingele says “ I like this idea and being off of school but also I don’t want to be marked absent for not being there and I wish that it was an actual excused day off.”


Most people talk about going out some where together whether it be six flags or just hanging out with friends some groups will go out together and maybe get ice cream.