Hartland Public Library Is Open For Extended Study Hours

With Arrowhead High school’s end of the year coming fast everyone knows and dreads the day of the AP exams. AP exams start on May 1st and end on May 12th with two AP testing exams a day. 


Students who don’t finish the AP exams can come to the Hartland Public Library who is hosting extended study hours after school. 


They are hosting eight study hall periods until 10pm the days are here if wanting to see or you can find it on the Hartland Public Library home page. If you scroll down on the Hartland Public Library website you will see the dates for the study period hours. 


All extended AP exam locations will be held in the West gym if students are taking AP exams. If students are not taking AP exams then students will just go to their normal classes at the same time like a normal day.