What Students Did Over Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a national holiday celebrating those who served in the military and were killed in action. Memorial Day is celebrated every last Monday of May and is practiced throughout the states. At Arrowhead, students celebrate Memorial Day by having off school on the day of, which gave students and staff a three-day weekend.

Over Memorial Day weekend, many students took advantage of the three-day break to spend time with friends and family, relax, and travel. Memorial Day weekend provided an opportunity for students to take a break from school and enjoy the start of summer.


Senior Jacie O’shea had said she tried to stay outside as much as possible. She said she went swimming and was on her family friend’s boat. 


Junior Kendall Danielson attended the USA Lacrosse National Tournament in North Carolina on Team Wisconsin representing our state. She said it was a stormy weekend but she had a lot of fun. She said her team had four wins and two losses and she thought it was an overall success for the weekend. 


Junior Megan Hughes said she enjoyed time with family. “Me and my family went down to Milwaukee. It was a lot of fun,” Hughes said. 


Junior Sara Pfeiffer said she as well spent time with her family and also her friends just enjoying the long and relaxing weekend.


Junior Regean Jones said she went up to her lake house where she also spent some family time on the lake and at night by the fire. “It was nice going up there again and boating, can’t wait to spend more time up there in the summer,” she said.


Junior Sylvia Purko said she had a relaxing weekend. Purko said, “It was nice to be able to chill and hang out with friends and family without much worry.”