Senior Graduation Parties

Emma Rathje, Reporter

With Arrowhead seniors graduating on June 2nd, many students are in a hurry to send out their graduation party invitations.


Many students try to plan their graduation parties either close to graduation or a little further into the summer, and closer to when they are going off to college. 


While some are planning their parties individually, others plan to have dual parties with other graduating friends. Two friends who are having their graduation party together are Carli Vermeulen and Stefanie Sardina. 


“We both don’t have a ton of extended family living near us so we both decided it’d be much more fun just to combine parties. That way we can split the cost and have twice the friends and family which takes away a lot of the stress,” said Vermeulen.  


Another two who are planning a dual party are twins Mariella and Marijke de Vries. 


“We invited about 50 people. We invited our coaches, teachers, friends, and we have family from Canada coming. For food, our parents are smoking brisket and pork shoulder. We’re doing it at our house so friends and family can entertain themselves with the pool, outdoor games, and a bonfire,” the sisters said. 


While some are hosting their parties at home, others are going out just like Vermeulen and Sardina who will be hosting their party at Naga-Waukee Park.