Students Recount Favorite High School Memories

With the end of the year coming soon on June 9th 2023, many students are leaving Arrowhead High School forever and are moving on to the next step in their lives. This also leaves these students with many memories of the school, both fond memories and not so pleasant ones. 


With many events that have taken place this school year at Arrowhead, there are many recounts that students have. The tornado that was near the school, the fights that kids have gotten into, the Homecoming and Prom dances. And who could forget the rowdy student section at the football games? “I remember when Ken Megal threw an entire jug of orange juice into the crowd,” says Arrowhead student Mathias Learner. 


The tornado was definitely one of the more traumatic events that happened for Arrowhead, but some students found a way to have fun in this troubling situation such as Arrowhead students Kyle Yankee, Logan Hicks, Derek Jensen, and Hayden Gregory, who played Clash of Clans at full volume which definitely caused some laughter in the class. 


“Everyone was so scared and we didn’t really want to worry about dying because we were pretty sure we weren’t going to, so we all just played our games and laughed all the way through the storm,” says Hayden. 


Although there were lots of events that happened at Arrowhead, many students’ best memories of this year are the more basic things at school. “My favorite class was AP Euro because the teacher, Mr. Richle, was such fun to have in class. Often he would talk about his own funny stories in life and somehow connect it back to some random person four hundred years ago,” says Annika Hornsby, Arrowhead Senior. 


Regardless whether the memories are good or bad, the 2022/2023 year of Arrowhead High School was definitely one to remember. As many seniors are leaving Arrowhead forever, these are the last memories that they will have of this school year and this year was certainly one to remember.