Juniors Share Their Thoughts On Prom

Juniors and seniors took part in Prom two Saturdays ago on May 20th, 2023. Students had differing opinions on Prom and the quality of the food and music. 


Prom was held at the Brookfield Conference Center; doors opened at 7:00 pm and Prom ended at 11:00pm, and the theme was masquerade. 


This year’s Prom was held at a new location from years previous, and some students said it was because of food issues at the previous location, The Ingleside Hotel. Some students reported that they or their friends got food poisoning from the food at Prom last year. 


For Prom 2023, food was prepared by the hotel’s kitchen staff, which was chicken served with truffle mac and cheese and cooked vegetables, and there was a fully vegetarian option available; this was a vegetable lasagna served with the cooked vegetables. And for dessert, there was a single option: chocolate cheesecake option.

Eiley Brahm, an Arrowhead junior said that the “food was not good. I had the chicken and it was dry and not seasoned well at all.”

Nicole Boudreau, an Arrowhead sophomore said, “I thought the food was okay; it could’ve been better, but I really liked the chocolate cake.”


To the dance, students wore formal attire such as dresses and suits.

Brahm said, “My dress was a little lavender purple and was tighter at the top then flowed out.”

Boudreau said, “I wore a light blue dress.” Bourdrea also stated that she got her dress on sale for $50 because she got it the week before Prom, but it was originally $150 from David’s Bridal.

The tickets for Prom cost $85 each and no plus ones were available for a different price; so for a couple, the total price would be $170 to attend Prom 2023. 

Brahm said, “I think the price was high, but [it] also makes sense for the amount of time and effort put into Prom.”

Student Senate was the group responsible for organizing Prom, and they determined the theme and were the ones who sent out information and tickets. 

Boudreau said, “My date paid for the Prom tickets, so I was happy about that, but I felt bad because the tickets seemed a bit expensive.” 

Students were free to leave Prom at any time, but they were warned if they left, they would not be able to reenter the venue.

Brahm said, “I left before the dancing even started.”

The DJ at Prom was the same from Homecoming this year. The DJ asked for recommended songs to play. 

Boudreau said, “My favorite song played was Super Bass by Nicki Minaj.” 

Boudreau said, “The DJ didn’t play as much modern music and it wasn’t my favorite. He didn’t play enough hype music; it seemed like people got bored.” 

The Prom date for next year is still to be determined, but it is typically sometime in the middle of May, and on a Saturday.