Students plan for summer

With the school year coming to an end, students are eagerly looking forward to summer break. Sleeping in, lounging by the pool, and endless free time is what students say they look forward to.


Seniors, in particular, have an extra reason to be excited with their exams finishing a week before the rest of the other grades. Seniors will graduate on June 3rd.  This means seniors can get a head start on enjoying their summer. 


The graduation ceremony will take place at 7:30 p.m. on the Arrowhead football turf field. If there is a weather interruption, the start may be moved earlier or to Sunday.


Senior Jacie O’shea says she says she is very excited to go out on a boat every day and get tan. She says she has missed that all year. She also says she will be working a lot before she goes off to school. She plans on nannying for families over the summer. 


Sports like track and field, girls soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and softball all continue to play into the month of June if they continue to win. 

Girls and Boys Track and Field have State the weekend of graduation so seniors that made it to State are not able to attend graduation. 

The seniors going to Track and Field State are Max Rebella, Makayla Pardun, Jacob Fink, Nathan Klauck, Ben Hartzel, Bella Samz, Emma Rathje, Christian Rothmeier, Tripp Walsh, and Noah Ledvina. 

Girls Soccer won their regional semifinal on Tuesday, May 30th, 5-1 which takes them to the regional final game this Saturday, June 3rd, at noon at Arrowhead. 

Sports are not the only thing going on during the summer. Arrowhead offers summer school classes from June 14th to July 22nd. 

Students can retake subjects such as Math or English, or they can get a headstart on classes for the upcoming school year by taking Adventure Gym or American Problems. 

Students can sign up for classes on Skyward under “Arena Scheduling.” 

Sophomore Lainey Soto said she is so excited for summer and one of the main things she is excited for is her trip to Norway. 

The school will start back up in the fall on September 5th 2023.