Senior Profile: Dani Kosidowski

Dani Kosidowksi is an eighteen year old Arrowhead senior. They have attended Arrowhead High School for all four years of their education.


Kosidowski’s post high school plans include attending Mary Mount Manhattan, which has been their dream school since seventh grade. 


“I have always dreamed of living in New York. I found [Mary Mount Manhattan] in seventh grade, and ever since then I knew I needed to go there,” they said. 


Kosidowski will be majoring in film and media production, along with minoring in music industry. 


“I am looking more on the production side of making films and TV, and I love music, so if I had a career in that it would be cool too,” Kosidowski said.


Music is a big part of Kosidowski’s life. 


They said, “I got into music because my mom put me into classes at a young age. I did piano and voice lessons. I was obsessed with Hannah Montana when I was little. I played the flute in middle school and did choir my entire life.”


Kosidowski enjoys singing in the Arrowhead choir. They have been in the choir at Arrowhead for four years, along with participating in some form of choir since childhood.


Kosidowski current favorites include the following: 

Favorite Artists: David Bowie, Harry Styles, and Boy Genius.

Favorite Films: Boys in the Band and Dead Poets Society

Favorite Books: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Favorite Class at Arrowhead: American Problems


Kosidowski’s plan after graduating from Arrowhead is to focus on their education in film at Mary Mount Manhattan.