Plans for Senior Skip Day

Seniors said they had been eagerly waiting for the decision on what date senior skip day would be. The Arrowhead Gators, who decide most sporting event themes and dates for Arrowhead events, run by seniors, decided on the date of Friday, May 26th.  


The Gators chose this date as an extension to Memorial Day weekend. Most seniors said they looked forward to this day as a way to make memories with their peers and relax after a long year.


Senior Jacie O’shea says she was very excited about senior skip day and planned on heading to the zoo because she hasn’t been there in a while and really loves it. Their hours were from 9:30am – 5pm. Admission & Parking rates vary with the seasons and range from $11.25-$16.75


Girls Lacrosse canceled practice for the players on Friday, May 26th. 


O’shea says her lacrosse coach canceled it because they had such a good game on Wednesday the 24th, winning 14-13 against their rivals USM. 


Senior Emma Schwenker said her coach wanted the seniors to come to half a day of school so they could still come to soccer practice. 


Becky Gordon, the associate principal at North Campus said, she understands that senior skip day is a right of passage, but the students need to just keep in mind that the only way the absence will be excused is if they are below the state allowed ten days. 


Gordon also stated that teachers have the right to give an unexcused absence a 50% reduction on an assignment. She suggests that a parent call students in and just be honest, it makes it easier for them. 


Senior Emma Rathje just chilled and took the day off. 


Rathje said, “I was content with just having a day to relax and do nothing.”