Students’ Favorite Memories

Graduation for Seniors and the last day for other students is quickly approaching. Therefore, it’s time to reminisce on students’ favorite memories of the 2022-23 year.


Ava Ramos, a senior, shared her love for athletic events as a cheerleader. Ramos said, “I loved cheering at football games. There was such a rush of adrenaline when we were winning, or the anticipation when we were down a few points.”


The football games had many themes throughout the season like Pink Out in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, Pajamas, Gold Out for Childhood Cancer, 80’s Dance Party, and more.


Others are just happy to have been making memories with friends new and old.


Alyson Lo, a senior, said, “I think making new memories with new friends I’ve gained this year is something that’s been really special to me.”


Some students have memories that were more on the funny side.


Brian Gonzalez, a senior, shared a memory about his AP Statistics class. Gonzalez said, “My teacher was trying to make pancakes for us and she tripped the first braker, then the second which shut off all computer power in the hallway we were in.”


There’s also more extracurricular activity based memories some students remember. 


Lizzie Bolton, a senior, said, “A few would have to be golfing with the golf team. SCDC for DECA, I got to meet a lot of new people, and hang out with my friends.”


Allie Farris, a senior in band, said, “The last football game would definitely be my favorite. I got to celebrate it with all my friends.”


Lastly there’s always senior activities to wrap up the year. 


Matt Peutzer, a senior, said, “I think with the end of the year I’ve really enjoyed helping out my friend with Nerf Wars. It was super fun getting to hang out with my friends and being an informant.”