What students anticipate for Arrowhead Prom 2023

The Arrowhead High School prom for 2023 will be held on Saturday, May 20th at the Brookfield Conference Center.  Doors open at 6:15, close at 7:00 and the night ends at 11:00.  


After a tough fight of voting for themes such as disco, enchanted fairytale, and western—masquerade was the ultimate winner.  Attendees are encouraged to attend wearing attire that one would wear to a masquerade ball of the 15th century… or a Phantom of the Opera themed Broadway party.  


Tickets were sold from April 23 until May 4th at a price of $85 per person.  Guests over the age of 19 are not allowed to attend.


Assuming everyone follows both Wisconsin and Arrowhead law—what are students plans for prom this year?


Junior Emma Danes plans to attend prom with a homemade dress made in the vein of 90’s floral grunge dresses.  Although the dress is still in the making, she can hint that it will be “red with black lace on top and an empire waistline.”  


Junior Olivia Morse plans to go to the highly anticipated event; however, she is not too pleased with the prices for tickets.


“It’s ridiculous” that “you have to pay for two $86 tickets if you have a date and you’re a guy,” says Morse.  For some students, it is custom for the guy to pay for both of the tickets when taking a girl to prom.


Junior Brienne Windisch says that the Muskego High School’s prom tickets were only $50 and they were, according to her, at the “same place.”


Junior Lily Liu is on Student Senate and says that the price gap is fair “from a logistical standpoint” because the Arrowhead prom will likely have “more drinks” and a “snack” table so there will be a “better experience.”


Whether the food lives up to Liu’s statements will be verified on the day; however, the costs have steered some away from the event—even seniors.


Senior Clare Zussman says that she will “not be going” because she “didn’t want to spend $85” for “bad food and bad music” due to her lack of enjoyment during the previous year’s prom.  Instead, she will be “going out to a nice dinner.”


However, for those who are planning on attending—the afterparty is a hot topic for many.


Morse will be going boating with her group of friends the morning after prom—the location is TBD.


Senior Ari Kass says that she will be going with her “sexy date” to prom and is unsure of what her plans are after; however, she says with certainty that they will not include “underage drinking,” as it is both illegal and not acceptable for those in “National Honors Society.”  It is inferred that the “sexy date” Kass speaks of is her boyfriend senior Jackson Zanotti.


“Too expensive, bad music, bad DJ, don’t go,” says Zussman.