Bells at Arrowhead High School Seize to Ring

Between May 1, 2023, and May 12, 2023, there are no bells indicating the start and end of each class for Arrowhead High School due to AP Class testing. 


The AP testing rules include a no noise rule which prohibits mechanical pencils, clicking things, sharpening a pencil, and a school bell. This is to help the students focus during the test and to not distract them from the important testing. 


“The lack of a bell is definitely is a little confusing because I’m such used to having a bell let me out of class, but it wasn’t an issue getting from class to class because the teachers just tell me when class is out and I can see when four minutes away is,” says Connor Reiss, an Arrowhead Senior. 


Although for some students, the lack of the  expected noise is a nuisance and issue, other students gladly accept this pardon given to them. 


The AP testing goes through from May 1 to May 12, 2023, and many students take this test each year. 


“Having a quiet environment really helps me focus, so with such an important test like this, having no bells to disrupt my train of thought really helps. Usually when the bells ring during my AP European History class and I’m in the middle of a test, it takes me at least five minutes to regain focus on my test and it slows me down a lot. So I can assume that not having the bell will really help me test,” says Annika Hornsbey, Arrowhead student. 


The lack of a bell due to AP testing not only affects students, but also teachers. For teachers this is yet another thing that they need to worry about. Many teachers such as Jeff Staus, Arrowhead Gym and Health teacher, and the other gym teachers have noticed many students leaving class early since the bells have ceased to ring. 


“As an AP teacher myself, I know the benefits of a quiet environment for the students. I’ve been doing AP testing for over twenty five years and I’ve seen so many different students go through thi