Students Share Thoughts on Week One of AP Testing

AP classes are high school classes that are paced at a college level and are offered for different subjects to give students an opportunity to challenge themselves. AP classes are, according to the AP Classroom, “Develop College Skills … Time management, critical thinking, scholarly writing—AP courses and exams help you hone the skills you’ll need in college and career.”


Testing for AP classes was scheduled from Monday, May 1, to Friday, May 12th, with make-up days on Wednesday, May 17, through Friday, May 19. More information such as specific times and what rooms the exams are taking place in can be found here.


The AP tests are issued by the College Board, and although it is optional, students are encouraged to take it as this is the only way for students to receive college credit for the course. Exams are graded on a five point scale, and students are required to have a three or higher in order to receive credit. 


Students were encouraged to study for their exams, using different methods for preparation. The students had practice in their classes that prepared them for the exams. 


Evalisse Brimm, an Arrowhead sophomore, says, “I felt I had more than enough time to finish everything, especially the multiple choice, because of our practices in class.” 


Amanda Shaw, an Arrowhead sophomore, said, “I did study and I studied by going back and looking at all of my notes and going over the past quizlets I used. Before I took the exam, I felt like I should have studied more; but after I took it, I felt like I was prepared.”


AP US Government/Politics (AP Gov) and AP Chemistry (AP Chem) exams were scheduled for Monday, May 1, in the North Campus West Gym. AP Gov’s exam started at 8:00 am and students needed to be sitting in their assigned seats by 7:45am. The exam consisted of a multiple choice section and four free response questions (FRQ) regarding the concepts covered in the class. According to College Prep, the AP Chem exam includes a “multiple-choice section (Section I) and a free-response section (Section II).” 


Shaw said, “I only took the AP gov exam and I felt like it was pretty easy. I felt like I had the perfect amount of time for both sections of the test. I finished with extra time to go back and look at my answers and I just felt overly prepared which is a good thing.”


Since everyone has a different way of studying, some students took different approaches to find the way that worked for them. 


Brimm says, “I studied using the packet given to us and looking over notes. I didn’t feel prepared at all. I probably should have studied more.” 


Another way some students studied was, according to Whelan, “memorization and repetition, this is just what works for me.”


Whelan also said she felt there should have been more in school studying opportunities, saying, “I do not feel I was given enough time because I have other things to do and they expect me to study only outside of school, I feel like they should have given us more in-class time for studying.”