What Students Think Of Met Gala 2023 Looks

Caitlyn Soya, Reporter

The Met Gala is always on the first Monday of May and this year it fell on May 1st. The theme of the 2023 Met Gala was Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty.


People in attendance included Paris Hilton, Anne Hathaway, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen.


Popular designers were Kim Jones (Fendi), Michael Kors, Donatella Versace, Daniel Roseberry (Schiparelli), Thom Browne, Stella McCartney, and the late Karl Lagerfeld (vintage Chanel, Chloe, and Fendi) to name a few.


Students have researched Monday’s looks.


One look that had everyone talking was Jared Leto showing up in a cat costume representing Choupette, who was Karl Lagerfeld’s cat.


Cadence Klaustermeir, a junior, says “It’s very concerning and I’m not sure how to feel. I think that’s like all of Leto’s looks though.”


Alyson Lo, a senior, also commented on Leto’s cat-like looks. Lo said, “It was on theme for sure but it was slightly traumatizing. It was so on theme it hurt. If camp had a face to the name it’d be Leto.”


There were looks that really fit the theme. 


“Some of my favorites that I’ve seen would have to be Jenna Ortega who I thought was stunning, Anne Hathaway, Tems, and Cardi B,” Lo said.


Klaustermeir also said, “I really enjoyed Jennie Kim from Blackpink’s look. I think it’s cool how she’s branching into fashion now.” 


Others weren’t as impressed with certain looks.


Kaylee Nowak, a junior, said, “Lil Nas X looked like an alien to me. I think he was a good guest for the 2019 theme Camp: Notes on Fashion but that’s it. This year he should’ve been classier, the whole theme was an homage.”


Allie Farris, a senior, also took note of a celebrity’s outfit she disliked. Farris said, “Olivia Rodrigo I think had the right idea but I didn’t like the fabrics used. It looked like Graduation Tassels met Beetlejuice.” 


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