Warhawk Trading Post closes for DECA Nationals, students devastated

James Norcross, Reporter

As the lights dimmed on the school store (not all of them because security cameras need to be able to take footage) havoc ensued in the North Campus cafeteria.  Havoc of mild student dissatisfaction because the Arrowhead schools store, Warhawk Trading Post closed from April 21-26 due to the Arrowhead DECA club going to Orlando, FL, for the 2023 DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC.)  Sophomores Lily Liu and Shriya Katta placed within the top 16 of the Business Solutions competition and Alan Whitmoyer placed within the top ten of the Marketing test.  The store reopened on April 27.


In the absence of the store, students have found coping mechanisms.


Sophomore Erin Bremer says that she now goes “to the gas station before school” for snacks. 


“I starve,” says Sophomore Ashley Yi.  Yi believes that the store not being open is encouraging starvation for students and that they should “hire people that aren’t in DECA” to solve this issue.


One student in particular, Senior Zara Augustin has a special connection to the Trading Post’s selection of microwavable Kraft Mac & Cheese.  She gets “three containers” at the start of each week to stock up because they always “run out for the rest.”  During the closing she had no containers which she says is “absolutely destressing because the vending machines no not work”.


“I am in the depths right now starving,” says Augustin.


Junior Kat Grimmer is devastated and says that the closing is “unbelievable” because today is the first day she has ever “brought money” for the school store.  Had it been open, she looked forward to getting an “Arizona Iced Tea.”  


“I cannot go to my trustful DECA store because they accept card whereas the coffee shop does not,”  Says Augustin


Mr. Melzer fell ill, says senior Molly Jackson and the school store was closed a day later than expected on April 27 due to “being around too many people at nationals.”


“There were 22,000 kids there,” says Jackson


The DECA students went to Disney World during their time in Florida; this may have been cause for such illness.  Jackson says that she personally does not enjoy rollercoasters—but it was “fun for other people.”


Those who wish to ride roller coasters in the Midwest may visit Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL.