Events Remaining During Arrowhead’s 2022-2023 School Year

The school year is coming to an end on June 9, 2023, which is approximately seven weeks away. Arrowhead has events planned until the end of the school year such as the Prom Dance.


Students have expressed feelings regarding the end of the school year. Eiley Brahm, an Arrowhead junior, said that although she’s excited for all of the end of the year activities, she will still miss some aspects of school.


Brahm said, “I’m not excited to let go of seeing my friends everyday; the best part about being here is seeing them and spending the majority of my day with them.”


This is something that many students can agree on. Some students have made passing comments that although they’re ready for actual school work to be over with, they will miss their upperclassmen friends who are graduating in June. 


But graduation is not the only end of the year activity going on at Arrowhead. Other schools in the area planned for their prom in April, while Arrowhead’s is scheduled for May 20th, closer to the graduation date on June 3rd (with a rain date of June 4th). 


Brahm said, “Yes, I am going to prom. I think that it being at the end of May is nice because it makes us stand out from the rest of the schools around here. I also think it is nice because it is that one more special night for juniors and seniors because school comes to an end.”


Prom is held at the Brookfield Conference Center on May 20th and starts at 6:15pm. The current theme for prom is a Masquerade theme, and costs $85 per person.  Tickets can be purchased here.


Many students have shared their discontent with this theme.


Braden Schilling, an Arrowhead junior, said, “I wish they picked a different theme because I don’t know a lot of people who are actually going to participate in the theme so it kind of seems like a waste, and I don’t like the theme either.”


Similarly, Brahm said, “I think the theme is meh, not everyone will wear masks but not everyone matches the theme anyway so it’s okay.”


Some students wish there was an event that Arrowhead was hosting in addition to prom to really close out the year. 


Isabella Hagen, an Arrowhead freshman, said, “I really wish they’d host a pep rally like they did for homecoming. I know that only juniors and seniors can go to prom but I still think it would be a cool way to involve all the grades.”


Additionally, Oliver McClutchy, an Arrowhead senior, says, “I wish Arrowhead had a field day because it would let us get out of class and go outside for a while.” A field day is an event held at most middle schools. Field days include the students going outside to participate in a number of activities such as tug a war, bouncy houses, and other physical activities. 


Arrowhead’s Senior Party is a school event for graduating seniors and will be held on Friday June 2nd, the day before graduation. This is a “lock- in” party where students are able to stay in the school. The site linked above says, “Tickets cost $55 before April 30th, $65 May 1st until May 20th and $75 after May 20th.” There is a sign-up for this event here. More information about this event can be found in the link above.