Preparing for Summer School, 2023

Summer is just around the corner with the last day of school being June 9th. Arrowhead’s summer school runs from June 12th through July 20th. Classes are held Monday through Thursday and there is no school on Fridays.  


The standard summer school attendance policy remains for students. Students can have no more than two absences for any summer school class unless the class is Adventure PE; then, students are allowed no absences. 


The 2023-2024 Arrowhead Course Guide says, “No student absence is excused from summer school for any reason other than an unforeseen emergency. Summer school students are expected to attend for the full-specified term of the course.” 


The course also says “Every day and on time” applies to summer school, and four tardies are equal to one absence. If a student is tardy for more than 20 minutes, the student is considered absent and expected to stay for the rest of class.


If students do not follow this policy, they will be given an F in the course. 


Students who drop a full-credit course after the first week will also receive an F. If a student requests a drop within the first week, there will be no penalty.


Many students say they enjoy that they can take their gym classes in the summer so they don’t have to take it in the school year. 


Senior Madison Prusow said, “It was really nice not having to worry about taking a gym course during the year and just getting the credits over during the summer.” 


Junior Amelia Altmann signed up for adventure gym this summer so she would not have to take a gym credit during the school year. 


Some students who take summer school are making up a class that they may not have done well in during the school year. 


Senior Laney Johnson took a summer school class sophomore year and said she hated summer school because she didn’t like being in a classroom for two hours learning about the same subject. She was so glad when it was over.


Classes are 2.5 hours long. According to the Arrowhead course guide there are 23 summer school classes available. Some classes are offered in person, while others are offered online. Students cannot attend more than two online classes at one time. 


Many Arrowhead students say it is hard for them to sign up for summer gym classes because they fill up so fast. 


Altmann says, “The spots were filled in the first five minutes of the sign up, I had to leave practice early to sign up for adventure gym just to guarantee myself a spot being I don’t have enough room in my schedule.” 


For the steps on how to select a course you can click on this link