Seniors have A “Skip Day”

Alex Hajdukiewicz, Reporter

With senior skip day coming up soon, there are many seniors that have special plans for the day. As of April 5th 2023, the plan for Senior Skip day is the day after Prom on May 20th where many seniors already have plans for the day. 


In the past there have been some students that have opted out of doing anything special for senior skip day and sit at home all day, and some students even chose not to participate in senior skip day at all. 


Riley Neville, Arrowhead Gator and member of student senate says, “From what I remember it’s about 90% of seniors who participate in senior skip day,” which approximates to four hundred fifty students participating in senior skip day. A common plan for the seniors on this day is going out to the nearest lake and spending the day out there. 


“I’m planning on going out to lake Pewaukee with Bakarri and some other friends for the entire day. We already have a Jet Ski and boat for the day.” Many other seniors also plan very similar activities such as Austin Mueller and Neil Oberholzer. 


This isn’t the only senior class tradition. On June 2nd, the last day of school for the seniors, there are plans for a senior school lock in that lasts until 1 in the morning. This has been a popular activity in the past, but the question is how popular will it be this year and how long will the tradition last?  


Even though many classes are being eradicated (English 10/Social Studies 10 Block) and talk of phone lockers, new mandatory chromebooks, and many other changes to the school, the question of whether or not these traditions will continue to be participated in. Neville, representing part of the student senate, speculates that senior skip day will still continue to be popular despite the rapidly changing Arrowhead structure.


Neville says, “Since so many kids have been participating in this day, and with no significant drop of participation in the past years, there is no reason to foresee the potential cancellation of Senior Skip Day.”