What Students Did Over Break

This year, Arrowhead’s spring break began on March 23rd and ended on the 31st. Many students spent the break either in state, out of state, and even out of the country. 


Bella Samz is a senior at Arrowhead that went to Aruba. She went with her sister and parents for seven days.


“It was definitely the best vacation I have been on. The weather was gorgeous and the people there were so happy and welcoming. We went snorkeling, on a jeep tour of the island, and spent a lot of time at the beach and the pool,” said Samz.


Francesca Smith, another senior at the school, went to Rome, Italy. She stayed for two weeks and got to experience multiple views, delicious foods, nice weather and more. 


“I absolutely loved it in Italy. I got to go on a little road trip with my family who lives there so I got to visit a couple different towns like Sorrento and Positano. My family lived in Rome so I got to go walk around the city and go to some of the historical buildings including the Colosseum, and then live in the suburbs in one of my family member’s condos,” said Smith.


Aasia Dolski (Sr.) spent her break at home working and hanging out with friends. Dolski works at LeDuc’s Frozen Custard in Wales and hung out with her friends around Delafield. 


Dolski said, “Working kept me busy while all my friends were on vacation and I made pretty good memories too.”