What Students Are Looking Forward To Nearing The End Of The Year

With spring break over, and the next official break not being until the 29th of May we’re in for the long stretch nearing the end of the year. 


There are many things up and coming that students are looking forward to. Such things are Prom, Senior Skip Day, Physics Trip, and Graduation.


Alyson Lo, a senior, says she’s excited for Senior Skip Day. Lo said, “I’m excited for Senior Skip Day because I’m planning to go to Chicago. I don’t know when it is yet but I can’t wait for it.”


Senior Skip Day isn’t an official school event but it’s a tradition for students here at Arrowhead. The Arrowhead Gators have been the ones who’ve planned it in the past. It’s usually held in May.


Prom is another event in May that students are excited for. Prom is May 20th and the theme is Masquerade Ball. It’ll be held at the Brookfield Convention Center. Student Senate is the one who plans the event, tickets will be going on sale on April 3rd, 2023 through May 4th, 2023.


Kasia Lecaire, a senior, is excited for Prom. Lecaire says, “I’m excited to hang out with my friends that night and look forward to seeing all the dresses.”


Prom goes from 6:15 p.m to 11:00 p.m giving room for a few fun filled hours of dinner, and dancing. 


For juniors they have another prom to look forward to. For seniors this is the last time they’ll experience this high school tradition along with many others. Seniors will soon experience new traditions within college or their life on whatever path they choose to go. 


On the topic about the seniors last few months, Graduation is also under two months away for seniors. Graduation will be held on June 3rd, 2023. The time set for graduation is at 7:30 p.m. 


For seniors Graduation is something they may look forward to but are also a bit sentimental about. 


Lecaire said, “I think what I’m most looking forward to about Graduation is the thought of College. College I feel is going to provide me with new opportunities and new experiences.”


Kaitlyn Hoag, a senior, shared what she’s looking forward to about graduation. “I’m excited to get out of here. I like Arrowhead but I’m ready to move on and start a new chapter of my life.”


There’s many exciting events coming up within the next few months leaving students anticipating one event after the other.