Arrowhead Freshmen Will Get New Laptops

Arrowhead has announced a new program for the class of 2027, in which students will rent a Chromebook from the school for all four years of high school and eventually have the opportunity to own the device after graduation.


The Arrowhead Website states, “Arrowhead Union High School is committed to providing a seamless, focused, and safe learning environment for our students. In order to do that, we are providing touch-screen Chromebooks to meet the needs of your student(s).” And states that, “The Chromebooks will be a part of a cooperative agreement between parents and Arrowhead Union High School […] allowing families to own the device after graduation.”


The Chromebooks will follow a Rent-To-Own payment with Arrowhead, in which every year students will pay $75.00 with extra fees being added in the case of damage or loss. This fee may be waived depending on the student; if students qualify for free and reduced lunch then the cost may be waived, however, those students will not be able to own the laptops. More information can be found in the Chromebook program’s handbook under section 1a.


Mia Gaymen, a senior, says, “I don’t really understand the point of it. Maybe kids won’t feel left out if they don’t have the newest laptop, but it should still be an option for everyone.”


Arrowhead lists seven benefits of this program, including automatic WI-FI connection and security of information. These benefits assist students with their complaints and also parents with their worries about the internet and the safety of their children. 


Senior Ella Miller states they’ve experienced faulty connection many times, saying, “Getting assignments turned in on Canvas has been really hard to do the WI-FI.”


The Chromebooks will be new ACER Spin touch-screen.


Teachers and students are encouraged to attend classes to better understand how to utilize the laptops. Teachers will be asked to attend learning classes discussing the basics, accessibilities, and how to teach with the Chromebooks, while students will be trained on their Chromebooks during WINGS. These devices will be handed out during this time as well.


WINGS for the upcoming Freshmen will be August 23rd to 25th starting at 7:30 AM and ending at 12:00 PM each day at South Campus. More information about WINGS can be found on Arrowhead’s Webpage.


Senior Chloe Maple says, “I think WINGS really helped me become more comfortable at Arrowhead and I’m glad they still have it as an option.”


Students and Families will be asked to read the handbook on technology use and the Chromebook program’s handbook and sign that they understand; students at WINGS will review these expectations. 


This program differs drastically from the Bring Your Own Device program in place currently. From the fall of 2014 to the end of the 2026 school year, students have had the opportunity to bring in their own devices to school while the option of daily renting or yearly renting has been available. The BYOD program follows the Arrowhead Device Guidelines and, while will be ignored by students following the new Chrombrook program, students who started the BYOD program will be able to finish it out through their senior year.