AHS Students Prepare March Madness Brackets

The month of March is a significant month for college basketball fans. Many fans have been making brackets deciding who they think will win each game. The brackets are composed of four rounds. Some people create brackets for fun and others do it for money. Joining a team can be with your friends or a random group where people buy in. Points are based on if the team people pick to win, wins, and advances to the next round. 


A Men’s Basketball tournament is held through each region South, Midwest, West, and East to see who will be going to the March Madness tournament. According to analyst.com Huston has the best chance of winning at 13.4% followed by Alabama (10.8%), UConn (6.9%), and Gonzaga (6.4%). 


Many students at Arrowhead have been completing brackets and Senior Lauren Kramer

said it’s been a bit distracting during the school day to not check the results of the games. 


Senior Caitlyn Soya, doing a single bracket by herself has Alabama winning against Huston in the championship game. She has Alabama, Marquette, Huston, and UCLA all going to her final four. She says, “I picked Bama because they are the number one seed and one the SEC conference championship against Texas A & M.” 


A group of juniors—Amelia Altmann, Noelle Urban, Megan Hughes, Reagan Jones, Elizabeth Wurster, and Sylvia Purko—have a group pool with three separate brackets. 


Altmann has Kansas, Duke, and Gonazaga winning her three brackets.  


Urban has Texas, Huston, and UCLA winning her three brackets. 


Hughes has Xavier, Purdue, and UCLA winning her three brackets. Hughes was leading the pool with the most points for the first week having almost a perfect bracket. 


Jones has Alabama winning for two of her brackets and then Marquette for the other. 


Wurster has Alabama, Gonzaga, and Huston winning all three of her brackets. 


Purko did not do three brackets, just one and has Kansas winning hers.


In the South region, Creighton, Princeton, SDSU, and Alabama are left. 


In the East region, FAU, Tennessee, KSU, and Michigan State are left. 


In the Midwest region, Houston, Miami, Xavier, and Texas are left. 


In the West region, Arkansas, UCONN, Gonzaga, and UCLA are left. 


The final March Madness game will be Monday, April third at 9:00 pm.