Students Prepare to Celebrate Valentines Day

Anna Davis and Lindsey Schmidt

February 14th marks Valentine’s Day, which lands on a Tuesday this year, and many students are excited to celebrate.


“It’s a fun thing that happens,” said senior Kate Sprinkman.


Valentine’s Day originated from a Roman Festival around the year 400, states. The festival celebrated the ritual of Lupercalia, which was a welcome to the spring seasons as the wildlife began to mate. The name, however, originates from one of three saints who were martyred, and the day is meant to celebrate their death. The combination of the two has created the Valentine’s Day we all now come to know — the one where people give love letters and candies to those they are interested in. 


Arrowhead has its own customs: Peers4Peers has created Valentine’s Day grams for students and put them on lockers for years. This year, however, students will be able to purchase grams and create their own for others. These will cost $1 and will be available to purchase between the 13th and the 17th in both South and North campus cafeterias. The aim for these, stated by Peers4Peers, is to “spread Valentine’s cheer and support Peers4Peers.”


“I think it’s a great idea,” said senior Olivia Schmidt, “This way everyone can have a valentine.”


There are many different traditions adapted for Valentine’s Day: chocolate hearts, love letters, and red roses have all become a staple in America. In other countries, however, some of these customs crossover, such as poems and letters being popular in many places such as France and Demark. Other places, like Germany, partake in baking sweet treats for those they are interested in. Many countries involve chocolate in their traditions. 


Senior Chloe Maple said, “My dad gets me, my mom, and my siblings chocolate every Valentine’s Day.” 


People can buy Valentine’s Day-themed gifts at many big stores, such as Walmart and Target. Smaller stores, like The Flower Garden located at 202 North Ave. in downtown Hartland, offer specific offers for people looking to make purchases.