What classes Arrowhead students are leaving in the dust

There’s an avalanche coming to Arrowhead guidance counselors–and it’s coming this week.  Second semester at Arrowhead High School began on Monday after final exams ceased the previous week.  With new semesters comes new schedules and with new schedules comes new classes to drop.  One may change their schedule if they wish to via an appointment with their guidance counselor anytime from the second day of the semester until the sixth day; information regarding this may be accessed here.


Many students are opting to change their schedule to include Flexible Scheduling Option (FSO) into it.


FSO is an option for students that allows them to take one less class/study hall per semester, allowing them to arrive one period earlier at the start of the day or leave one period early at the end.  Requirements include a 3.0 GPA and being on track to graduate; the full list of information is available here.


Junior Adalia Fristche says that she is “dropping study hall for FSO” because “it’s boring and I’d rather sleep in.”


Junior Sophie Drake, a friend of Fristche’s, intends on doing the same.  She says that she will use this spare time to get “Noodles”.


Noodles & Company is a popular food chain that serves food containing noodles (the company refers to customers); Drake says that her favorite thing to get is the “regular Mac and cheese” with “extra cheese sauce.”  Workers at the Delafield noodles and Company should expect an increase in mac and cheese with extra cheese sauce orders.


Advanced Placement classes are hot to drop this semester; Juniors Lily Liu, Shriya Katta, and Yamna Rahman are not dropping any classes themselves but have heard what people are dropping out of through the halls.  Liu says that a lot of people are dropping “AP US History” because “tests are brutal.”  Katta says that she knows “three out of twenty people” who dropped “AP Chemistry.”


People “quite literally failed the tests” says Katta on AP Chem.