What Students Look Forward To In Second Semester


Final exams are finished and students are entering the new semester. Classes are being added, and dropped; students are meeting new people: staff and other students, and ACT and graduation are only a few months away.


One of the exciting things about the second semester is the new classes students are taking. 


Mikayla Hopwood, an Arrowhead senior, said, “I’m taking Consumer Auto. It covers basic car knowledge like how to change your oil, and the tires.”


Consumer Autos is a class offered in the Career and Technical Education cluster. The class counts for one of the two CTE credits you need in order to graduate. 


Graduation in itself brings up feelings for students about life after high school, an event that takes place on June 3rd, if weather permits. 


Kasia Lecaire, an Arrowhead senior, shares how she feels about graduating. Lecaire says, “A little bit of both. It’s a big achievement and I’m moving onto bigger and better things but also less structure.


Some seniors are getting sentimental about Graduation, but just the second semester in general. 


Brea Turnacliff, an Arrowhead senior, has three words to describe her feelings for her last semester as a highschool student. Turnacliff said, “Easy, Electives, Study-Hall.”


Many seniors have the option to take more electives as most have the required credits to graduate. If they don’t take as many electives their schedule can be filled up with study halls throughout the day.


Aside from classes, students are excited for the other events throughout the semester. 


Alyson Lo, an Arrowhead senior, shares what she’s excited for this last semester. Lo says, “I’m excited for my senior prom, all the senior events like the senior party and senior skip day, and eventually graduation!”


Paige Lind, an Arrowhead sophomore, shares what she’s looking forward to. Lind says, “Track season is coming up and I’m excited about it, and basketball is ending soon. So it’s a win and a loss. I’m also excited with my new classes so that I can meet new people.”


Each shared their last sentiments about the second semester.


Hopwood says, “I’m annoyed and I just want to be done.”


Lecaire says,  “I’m extremely excited about graduating, but I’m also a little bit sad since I know my high school days are coming to an end.”


Turnacliff says, “Excited to graduate, don’t know what I want to do so I’m a little nervous since it’s coming so quick.”


Lind says, “I’m just trying not to fail and hope other people are in the same boat.”


Lastly Lo says, “Kind of sad it’s my last semester here since I made so many friends so I’m going to savor as much as I can with them, but also exciting.” 


For seniors they will be done on June 3rd, 2023 with Freshman through Juniors having their last day on the ninth. Second semester is an exciting time that provides students with more enjoyable experiences, another round of exams, and for seniors to graduate.