What Students Did For Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was on November 28, 2022. Students at Arrowhead knew of people participating in Cyber Monday or bought items themselves.


Julia Payne, an Arrowhead sophomore, says she shops on Amazon for Cyber Monday. She says, “I bought my Christmas presents for others on Cyber Monday from Amazon. Some deals I found were 50% one item, and 20% off another.”


She found deals for candles, jewelry, electronics, and more. 


Another popular store for Cyber Monday shopping was Meijer’s. 


Roo Lemerond, an Arrowhead senior and Meijer employee, says even during a day where sales are mostly online, it’s still packed in the stores.


Lemerond says, “People come in for Cyber Monday when they don’t realize the majority of our deals are online. Yet, they start Christmas shopping for their kids, and a lot more people than I thought were in the market for a new TV. So many things that people never buy are suddenly in high demand.”


Payne said she tried buying the more expensive items on Cyber Monday rather than any other day. 


Payne says, “I try shopping for the more expensive items on Cyber Monday because I can get them for half the price, and I don’t have to go in the store when it’s crazy on Black Friday.” 


Stefanie Sardina, an Arrowhead senior, says she prefers Black Friday over Cyber Monday. 


Sardina says, “I participate in Black Friday more because I prefer in store shopping more than online shopping. I also think there tend to be more deals all around in stores and online for more products. However, I can see the appeal of Cyber Monday. It’s buying online with deals. People don’t have to go to stores to buy their products but still get a good deal for their product. This is sometimes easier than shopping in stores.” 


Many stores like Urban Outfitters and Anthropolgie kept their Black Friday deals going throughout Cyber Monday, and added new deals on top. 


Cyber Monday next year will take place on Monday, November 27th so make sure to keep an eye out next year for great deals.