Madison Fintel Prepares to Graduate Early


It is Senior Madison Fintel’s last week at Arrowhead High School before she graduates at the end of the first semester.


Fintel says she is very excited to graduate early. She said she has a three-step plan that she wants to follow when she graduates early which includes, bartending and serving, making money and saving up for college, and then attending WCTC in the fall semester of 2023 for their real estate program. Her goal is to get her real estate license. 


Fintel shared that her favorite thing about Arrowhead is that it includes lots of amenities like how we have two campuses, tennis courts, an ice rink, a pool, ect. 


The one thing Fintel says she disliked about Arrowhead is when covid happened and we had to go virtual. 


Fintel recommends students still at Arrowhead take food courses, personal law, and creative writing. 


The Arrowhead school counselor Todd Ridenking was very helpful in getting her the tools she needed to graduate early and helped put the idea in her head. 


Throughout high school what kept her motivation to get through school was being around her friends. 


She started working at her mom’s restaurant Kim’s in eighth grade. Once she turned 18 in September she became a server at her mom’s restaurant. She is planning to get her liquor license next month. 


Fintel said she has gotten recognized in public for her job, and for being very formal and very polite to customers. 


Fintel also said that “One piece of advice for any high schooler is to be nice to any teacher you have, front desk people, or anyone in general. You want to treat them how you would want to be treated.” 


Fintel also said she would like to say, “I enjoyed my time here as a journalist.” Fintel also says she wanted to shout out Elizabeth Jorgensen (Mrs.J) English teacher for giving her a great semester.