Movie Critics of Arrowhead: What students claim to be the greatest films of 2022

With a new year comes new movies.  Aquaman, Guardians of the Galaxy—and Barbie.  But before we dive into the many Marcus theaters that surround Wisconsin towns, let’s take a look back on 2022—a year in film.  


The Golden Globes may have been this week but the students of Arrowhead High School also have strong opinions on what this past year’s best motion pictures were. 


Senior Grace Bonk says that her favorite movie was “Avatar: The Way of Water.”  The film came out last December 16.  Bonk says that she liked “the CGI” and that “it was very emotional.”


“I cried in the beginning and a lot at the end,” says Bonk.


Many students claimed Don’t Worry Darling to be their favorite movie of 2022; the movie stars Harry Styles and Florence Pugh.


Senior Anne Kredell had contradictory thoughts on the film.  She says that “it was kind of a bad movie” and “was too much.”  Kredell says that “Harry Styles’” acting “was fine” and “you could tell what was gonna happen halfway through.”


The film was Kredell’s “favorite” movie of the year.


Senior Kate Sprinkman also said that Don’t Worry Darling was her favorite movie the year along with “My Policeman.”


She says that “Harry Styles is lowkey a bad actor” but loves “Florence Pugh.”


The film faced controversy during production due to tension between Pugh and the director Olivia Wilde.  


Sprinkman says, “I really don’t give a” care “to be honest” about this drama.


Letterboxd is a social media platform popular amongst older teenagers; on this platform users may rate movies they have watched and see what films their friends are watching.


Senior Dani Kosidowski is a user of this platform and logged 146 movies last year and says that “everyone should get the app.”   Kosidowski says that her favorite movie of last year was “The Fabelmans.”  The Steven Spielberg directed film recently won two awards at the Golden Globes including Drama Motion Picture.


“I love Steven Spielberg,” says Kosidowski.


For those interested in thoughts on last year’s films from those not of Arrowhead High School, one may view the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Image Awards on February 25th, the Oscars on March 12th, and many others throughout this year. 


“I didn’t see Top Gun but I saw him [Tom Cruise] in Applebees though; they have a Tom Cruise cutout,” says senior Anne Kredell.