Arrowhead Plagued with Bad Drivers

The Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles requires every Wisconsin resident to be above the age of 16 to receive their driver’s license. This means that many Arrowhead students have obtained their driver’s license in their sophomore year of high school. 


Arrowhead students are notoriously bad drivers. Instagram pages like ahsworstparkers have joined in on the fun, posting pictures submitted by students of the worst parking jobs. 


This year’s senior superlatives include a vote for the worst male and female driver. The winners have yet to be announced. 


Conduct with all automobiles are governed by the Wisconsin State Law. Students, staff, and guests must go 15 mph in the parking lot. 


According to the Arrowhead website, there is a designated staff member that monitors students’ driving activity: “In an effort to provide a safe and secure area for student motor vehicles, and to effectively administer the flow of student traffic, the school has assigned a staff member to supervise and coordinate the motor vehicle program.”  


Deputy Mattew Vanderboom is instructed to patrol school grounds along with parking lots to ensure that students are following regulations. 


Senior Kate Sprinkman said she avoids the chaos by having a 10th hour study hall, which allows her to leave 10 minutes earlier than those without study hall. 


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation estimates that 1 in 11 high school students get into some sort of car crash each year. With their being around 1,800 students in attendance at Arrowhead, that equates to 163 students being involved in car crashes. 


Anne Kredell, a senior, said, “I’m having a rough morning, I got into the mullet parking lot. The mullet parking spots are really close to each other. I pull in not worried about hitting anyone but then I see this guy pulling down his window saying I was going to hit him. He gets out to see if I hit his car and I didn’t. He goes over to his friend saying she almost hit my car. I got really mad because I didn’t.”