Students Explain Their Plans For After Exams

As exams are on January 17th through the 19th, students are reminded that the 16th and 20th before and after exams are a teacher inservice day and teacher work day, respectively, which means students have these two days off. 


The schedule for exams is as follows: Tuesday, January 17, first hour, first/second hour block A or B, second hour, third hour, or third/fourth hour on A days: Wednesday January 18, fourth hour, three/four hour b days, four/five hour B and A, five, six, six/seven hour B: Thursday January 19, eighth hour, seventh/eight hour b days, ninth, nine/ten A days, tenth hour, and nine/ten b days. 


Students have different rituals and study habits when it comes to exams. Each student is different and so are their study and preparation habits. 


Bri Prox, an Arrowhead junior says, “Before exams I am getting lots of sleep and studying. My first three are on Tuesday. After that I am hanging out with friends and gonna stay out late.”


Since the Monday and Friday before exams is a teacher inservice day students can spend their time studying or resting up for exams to come. 


Prox says, “I am going to use my days off to study during the day, but relax in the morning and at night.” 


Raina Roche, an Arrowhead junior said, “I want to spend time with my friends on Monday and Friday to de-stress before and after exams.”


Exams aren’t just a series of tests; they also mark the beginning of the second semester of school. 


Roche said, “I’m excited for exams because that means I get to have a new schedule and we get closer to the end of school.”


Prox says, “I am not worried about exams because my grades are in a good place, so I don’t need to do good to raise them.”


As Prox and Roche have gone through and completed four sets of exams in their high school career, they know what to expect and what works best for them regarding studying habits.


Freshman, Gracie Runge, said, “I’m nervous for exams, I mean I have no idea what to expect or if I even studied the right things so we’ll see how this all works out.”