What Students Are Looking Forward to in the Second Semester

Emma Rathje, Reporter

With Arrowhead’s finals next week, students are cramming in their studies, late work, and any missing assignments. During the 17th, 18th, and 19th, there will be three finals a day, each an hour and a half. 


From now until the 30th of January, students may seek to make changes to their second-semester schedules. They can do this by using Calendly to schedule a meeting with their specific counselor (depending on their grade and last name). 


After finals, many students will start new classes or experience different teachers, while the rest continue with the same class and/or teacher. 


“I’m looking forward to my Culinary Foods class. I like to cook and bake and I think it will be a good stress reliever because of the other harder classes that I have coming up,” said senior Mady Scholzen.


With 2023 beginning, and the second semester starting on Monday, the 23rd, students can get not only a fresh start with the year but also their grades and classes. 


Trinity Dahl, another senior, struggled with her Autos class this year so she is excited to start Ceramics for a fresh start. 


Dahl says, “Mr. Ruhmor is such a nice teacher, so I’m looking forward to having him.”


Molly Jackson (Sr.) and Francesca Smith (Sr.) are both in Study Hall together where they work on homework, help each other out, and spend time chatting together. 


Dahl is also excited about her second semester of AP Art. “The class can be a little stressful considering when assignments are due, but creating the art itself is therapeutic,” said Dahl. “I’d definitely recommend the class to anyone that’s really interested in art and has the time to spend on each project.”