What Students Did For New Year’s

Emma Rathje, reporter

With Christmas six days before the New Year, Arrowhead students got to enjoy their breaks with family, friends, and fun. The breaks started on December 23rd and students came back to school on January 2nd. 


Winter storms were on the way, but the weather got a bit better during the holiday according to the Weather.com report. On Christmas day, there was an average low of 16° and a high of 31° while mostly cloudy throughout the day.


The cold weather didn’t stop senior Reagan Russ from enjoying the water. “I had a beach party in my hot tub with friends for New Year,” she said. 


“I spent New Year’s Eve with my friends, we watched the ball drop and hung out. I went to a traditional dinner with my friend and her family,” said senior Francesca Smith. Every year she says she goes out to dinner with their family friends on New Year’s Eve. 


While other people may have been out and about, there were still many who stayed home to enjoy time with their families like Olivia Schmidt (a senior).


“For New Year’s I stayed at home with my family over. We watched the countdown but not really too much else,” said Schmidt. She’s always happy to enjoy time with her family. 


It’s a new year now, and a fresh start at home and school for students who can look forward to new goals, new grades, new friends, and so much more. The break next school year will start on December 23rd.