January 5th is National Bird Day

National Bird Day is celebrated on January 5th every year. It celebrates birds and their numerous species. 


For many ornithologists and bird lovers, this day is special. According to National Today, the day was created by the Avian Welfare Coalition to raise awareness of the hardships and struggles of these animals and how to initiate the change necessary to create a healthier and stronger relationship with them. 


Francesca Smith, a senior at Arrowhead said her favorite bird was a snowy owl. 


National Today talks about how birds are considered living links to the past because they are the closest related animals to the evolution of dinosaurs. 


Molly Jackson, another senior at the school, said that her favorite bird was a finch. 


Being founded in 2002, the day has been celebrated for 21 years. National Today mentioned some traditions of National Bird Day: building a birdhouse, feeding birds, or reading an Audubon book (books about birds in our world by John James Audubon).


Sophia Hirschfeld (senior) said, “I love parrots, I think they are so funny to listen to, and the way they mimic their owners is very funny and honestly fascinating.” 


National Today also provides activities you can do on the day as well: study birds, watch them, or you could adopt a bird. It also talks about some facts about birds. 


Some of these facts are about how birds communicate well with each other through their chirping and singing. They also chirp and sing to attract mates. A group of birds is called a flock, and ostriches have the largest eyes of any mammal on land. 


“Birds are very simple yet interesting animals. People watch them, study them, and live with them for fun too. They could be something you just spot in the woods or a friend you live with,” said senior Reagan Russ.