What Students got for Christmas

The holiday break for students has come to an end. Students were gone from December 22 2022 through January 2, 2023. Some students were not looking forward to coming back, but were excited to share what they got for Christmas. 


According to the New York magazine, here were some of the top gifts that American teenage girls received for Christmas this year. At the top of the list was beauty and that is what many of the students at Arrowhead got along with clothes coming in at a close second.  


As beauty products were a top choice for students around America, it was also a top choice for students at Arrowhead. Senior Maddie Fintel and Senior Marlee Wahlig said that their beauty products were exciting gifts to open.


Fintel said she got spoiled this holiday break.. “I got a diamond bracelet from my boyfriend and a lot of new eyeshadow, because I am really into makeup.” She said she got a morphe eyeshadow palette along with a few other morphe products that she had been asking for.  


Wahlig also got many makeup and skincare products like Fintel. Wahlig said, “On top of the skin care, which was my favorite, I got a new comforter and a camera.”


Senior Jacie O’Shea did not receive one of the many beauty products that others received but received lots of clothes instead for Christmas. O’Shea said, “I made a very good slide presentation for the gifts I wanted which made it easier for my family to get things for me.” 


Along with O’Shea, Sophomore Gabby Hass also received clothes from her family, but her favorite gift she received was her new Macbook. Hass said, “This was my favorite gift. I am so happy I got it.”  


Senior Lola Dieringer got a big mirror and perfume. Dieringer said, “My favorite gift would have to be the wine colored Doc Martens that I got, I have been wanting them for a while.”