Jan 3 is National Drinking Straw Day

Drinking Straw Day is celebrated on January 3rd every year, according to National Today 


Margin Chester was awarded a patent for his innovation, the paper drinking straw. Imagine a world without straws. Drinking straws have allowed us access to the button of the juice jar first. Drinking with a straw is much less messy, and we can take our time sipping leisurely. 


According to the Holidays Calendar, Before the paper straw, there was the rye straw, and one day, while drinking a mint julep during a summer day, people didn’t like that aftertaste of the rye. This led Marvin Stone to think of designing a better straw. Stone started by wrapping strips of paper around a pencil and sticking them to it he realized that these makeshift straws didn’t leave a grassy aftertaste and did not disintegrate easily unlike the rye. 


Arrowhead High School provides breakfast and lunch for high school students including all utensils like forks , spoons, knives and straws all of these items are plastic material.


Donavan Shallue a Arrowhead High school Freshman says, “In my house we use plastic straws and we use metal straws in some cups that came with the metal straws.”