Students’ Opinions on School Lunches

Many students at Arrowhead get hot lunch, here are student opinions:


Senior Liam Neary said he wishes the quality of the food was slightly better. Neary is a football player, and said he had problems with the portions because he is always left hungry.  


Seniors Carson Ketterhagen, Jackson Zanotti, and Cameron Flannick said that their favorite meal for lunch is the Nashville hot chicken sandwich. They also said that they appreciate the lunch ladies and are grateful for them.


“The pizza dunkers are really good, too,” said Ketterhagen.


Pizza dunkers are mozzarella and marinara sauce inside a breadstick. They are served on occasion, they are not one of the weekly meals. 


Senior Jack Ziemann, Carmen Hanson, and Ava Rogers agree that the food isn’t terrible, but students are charged too much for such a tiny portion. Lunches are $4.00 with a milk, a main dish, and a fruit. 


“During COVID when lunches were free, it seemed like the portions were much larger and now we’re paying for a much smaller meal,” said Hanson. 


Senior Ty Getz said that people hate on the lunches too much. He appreciates when the lunch ladies give him opinions on what to eat. 


Junior Maddie Kurtz believes that there should be more variety. She said she likes the A la carte items, like chips, energy drinks, cookies, cereal bars, and more but wishes there was more to choose from. 


In past years, Arrowhead served nachos, froyo, fresh cookies, a sub bar, and more. Many students said they wish that they could bring that back. 


“Many people, especially seniors, switched to cold lunch after COVID,” said senior Reese Stapleton.