Arrowhead Students Face Famine

James Norcross, Reporter

Arrowhead has taken “New Year new me” to another level with new levels of anger over a shortage of food.  The lunch room vending machines are out of items but that’s not all.  The Warhawk Trading Post ran out of stock—apart from Butterfingers—this week.


People “should not” buy the Butterfingers, says Elliot Astle, a worker at the Trading Post.


Astle says that this food shortage began when they “decided to just put everything on sale and sell everything before break ended and restock” after break.


“For some reason that didn’t work so we haven’t gotten our food yet,” says Astle.


This has been cause for outrage among students.


Clare Zussman, a senior, says that “being Irish myself actually, it’s really sad to see everything go” and that she misses the “Pringles.”  Specifically the “original” flavor.  Pringles were in the highest demand before this so-called famine according to Astle.


Zussman is referencing the Great Famine in Ireland which took place from 1845 to 1852.


“When I come in here and there’s no froyo I want to die because why did I even come here in the first place?” says senior Anne Kredell.  


The Trading Post has a Starbucks brand fridge that usually contains bottled coffee beverages; Kredell says that it has “never once been full, so why do they even have it?”


“Why are you catfishing me with Starbucks?” says Kredell.


However this outrage is not solely of the customers.  


Steve Melzler is the head of DECA, the school marketing club that runs the school store.  Astle says that “Melzler is a little mad” because the store has “been losing sales” due to this food shortage.


Astle says that the “restock” will come on Friday, December 6th.  This restock will include new items including “Pepsi Nitro” and “Root Beer.”


“Get better, lower the prices, and get some better products,” says Kredell on the Trading Post.