Man Found with Gun in Arrowhead Parking Lot

The 21st of December 2022 the Waukesha County Sheriff’s department directed those inside of Arrowhead High School into lockdown. This occurrence was approximately at 3:10pm where all students and staff proceeded into classrooms. 


An email sent out to Arrowhead faculty and staff from principal Adam Kurth regarding the reasoning for the lockdown on December 21st said, “Details are still limited, but we were made aware of a man with a gun in the Hartland area who headed in the direction of the school, eventually driving onto our school grounds.”


The man drove through the parking lot of North Campus with the gun in his possession. 


Aiko Steinlage, a senior said, “It happened twice the first time we were told it was a drill and had to hide for 30 sec before they called it off. My gymnastics team and I were at practice when we walked into the gym and sprint back into the rooms. We were locked in the dark. People were crying and they wouldn’t tell us what was happening. We were told to go back but people went home because they were scared. We saw many cops and cars running through the parking lot.” 


The man fled the area soon after police arrived. The Hartland Sheriff’s Department said, “There is no threat to the school or our students and staff.”


Kurth stated, “We appreciate the quick communication and response by local law enforcement. Arrowhead High School will always act in the safest manner possible in any situation of safety for our students and families.”