Students and Teachers Share Christmas Tree-Shopping Traditions

Christmas trees are a widespread phenomenon at Christmas time, and many families buy their Christmas trees from different places at different times.


There is also the question of whether to invest in a fake tree or a real tree. Fake trees are reusable, making them a one-time purchase. Real trees are non-reusable throughout the year, therefore they must be disposed of and bought the following year.


Dylan Christenson, an Arrowhead Senior, says “Usually we just get them at Stein’s with my family. We’ve been contemplating getting a fake tree, but we have been staying true to getting a real one, and we did that this year as well.”


The closest Steins near Hartland is located in Oconomowoc.


People can venture out to purchase and find the tree of their choice, whether it is shopping locally and nearby or in more distant places like northern Wisconsin. 


Kourtney Calmes, an Arrowhead Sophomore, says “so every single year me and my family we go on a trip up to Green Bay and we go to this cute little Christmas tree farm to get the nicest tree there. We go early in the season to get the best tree. And then we cut it down, and then we have a nice road trip back home. And then we decorate it all the way with a year’s worth of sentimental Christmas ornaments.” 


Jana Danay, the Yearbook class teacher, says “Usually I go to Wagner Tree Farm, in the middle of nowhere. And have the fun stuff, but last year it was 80 dollars for a tree. So this year I just got a Black Friday deal with a pre-lit tree for 96 dollars at Walmart. My kids were definitely sad like we didn’t go to the tree farm and have our fun.”


Wagner’s Tree Farm is located in Rubicon Wisconsin.