Students Share Upcoming Spring Break Plans

With it being the coldest time of the year right now, many Arrowhead students are looking forward to spring break, our next big break after the winter holiday break. Spring break lasts eleven long days from March 18th to April first, April fools day! 


Spring break gives kids a break before the final part of the year. Lots of Arrowhead students already have their plans in place. 


Some students are going to experience their first vacation with a significant other. 


Senior Carmen Hanson said, “I’m very excited to go with my boyfriend and all our friends on vacation across the country. It’s a big moment since we’re seniors now, and our parents trust us to let us go by ourselves.” 


Hanson explained every kid is either driving, or buying their own flight fare. A few 18 year olds are going, so there is no need for parents because they can secure housing by themselves. Every kid going pays 131 dollars total for housing. 


Some students are getting together groups of friends for spring break on senior year for one last hurrah.


Senior Anthony Mewborn is a part of the aforementioned trip and says, “Basically half the school goes to Florida every spring break, our group is 15 people going to Panama City.” 


While for others, it’s a much needed time to relax and do some spring cleaning after the dreary winter. “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” This quote by Leo Tolstoy sort of defines the season for most of us.


“I always take the opportunity to do a reset after winter during spring break,” senior Ella Miller says.


Spring break can also be a time to bond with your family. 


Senior Lola Dieringer says, “I’ll probably go on a vacation with my sisters; we love sister trips and spring break is a convenient time for that.” 


Other Arrowhead students just choose to stay home with no problem. 


Senior Rocco Jamperdo said, “I usually take the time to chill at home.” 


“Since I’ve taken so many vacations in 2022, my family and I are staying home for spring break,” senior Emma Domacinovich says.