Arrowhead Students Share Favorite Holiday Decorating Traditions

Elyse Jungbluth and Eiley Brahm

As the holiday season starts this upcoming Sunday, December 25, families are starting to decorate and express their holiday cheer. Students from Arrowhead High School say they cherish holiday traditions; things like decorating the tree with specific, memorable ornaments; putting out stockings or other decorations relating to St. Nick; or decorating the outside of homes to be merry and bright.


Holiday decorations can range from string lights, wreaths, garlands, Christmas trees, stockings, tinsel, nutcrackers, and popcorn strings.


Arrowhead teachers have adopted some of these decorations by decorating the classrooms with paper snowflakes, NC199, lights around whiteboards, NC149A, and ornaments hanging from the ceiling, NC 189.


Junior Audrey Hutchinson says, “My favorite Christmas decoration is the tree.”


Junior Raina Roche had another decoration in mind. She says, “The best Christmas decoration is obviously tinsel. What could be better than tinsel?”


Along with tree decorating, some families decorate their home’s exterior with festive decorations. Things like long strands of lights, tinsel-wrapped around porch poles, and wreaths hanging on doors to welcome people in. Roche’s family participates in the decorating tradition of wrapping Tinsel around the poles outside their house.


“We do classic decorations outside like lights that cover the majority of the exterior,” said Hutchinson. 


As there are different options when choosing a decoration theme. Roche said, “The two most popular themes I see with tree ornaments are either decorating them with a solid color, or using memorable and sentimental ornaments. My family personally mixes it up depending on the year.”


Some individuals chose to leave their trees up until the summer months, as there is no set time that the decorations need to be put away. 


Jake Griffin, a junior, said, “My Christmas tree is decorated with memorable ornaments that my family has collected, including hand made ornaments and ornaments we’ve hung for years.”