What Students Think About Final Exams Being 90 Minutes Again

Caitlyn Soya, Reporter

The semester exams take place January 17 through the 19th. This year exams will be held within a 90 minute period. In recent years there have been changes to the exam schedules. Both campuses start at 7:30 and end at 12:40. 


With exams being over a 3 day period with a 90 minute exam period it gives students more time for each class. 


Students like Noah Ducey, an Arrowhead Sophomore, says he thinks that the 90 minute exams are beneficial for students. Ducey said, “I had no idea that we switched exam times. I think I’ll have time to finish, but students who need to go slower will have that time to finish up and that’s what’s nice about the change.”


Bryan Gonzalez Ruiz, an Arrowhead senior says, “I like it that way and I think we should continue that. It gives students more time to do their exam, that’s always a plus. It should be the standard that students have ample time to remember a semester concept.”


Other students don’t easily accept the change. 


Paige Lind, an Arrowhead sophomore says, “I don’t feel like I took that long of a time. My class definitely didn’t take that long to do our exams. It makes for good sleep after I’m done though.”


Some may like it and dislike it at the same time. 


Ava Ramos, an Arrowhead senior says, “I thought they were a bit too long. However, I kind of liked the amount of time we had last time, because I was reading at the end of my Math exam. It was very comforting not having to worry about the time. Even though it was a mistake, I enjoyed it.”


It’s all personal preference but to each student it may offer pros and cons.


Gonzalez Ruiz says, “Prioritization and Time Management are two big skills I need to hone in on for exams. However, I’m excited for exam season to be done with because then it means I get to enjoy my second semester classes.”