Dec 19 – Representing National Hard Candy Day

The first form of candy was made by Egyptians, Arabs and Chinese. According to Candy History Origin, the first type of candy ever made was nuts, and fruits mixed with honey. The most common fruits used were figs and dates. This ‘candy’ was invented in 2000 BC. 


The first hard candy made of sugar was invented in 250 AD by Indians. 


Hard candies are still popular today. According to, the top three hard candies sold today are Werther’s Original Hard Caramel Candy, Jolly Rancher Original Hard Candy, and Hermann the German Bavarian Fruit Hard Candy. 


Werther’s Original Hard Caramel Candies sell for $1.51 per ounce, Jolly Ranchers sell for $1.58 per ounce, and Hermann the German Bavarian Fruit Candies sell for $1.32 per ounce. All of these candies can be found on Amazon and Walmart. 


Hard Candy almost always consists of sugar, water, and corn syrup. These ingredients are brought to a boil until the mixture reaches around 300 degrees fahrenheit. The mixture is then cooled down. Once the mixture has hardened then the candy is ready to be enjoyed. 


Hard candy can be made to be different shapes, flavors, and colors. Most hard candy is flavored with extracts. Martha Stewart uses “¼ teaspoon cinnamon extract” in her Candy Gems Recipe. Stewart also uses food coloring to her mixture to make it more appealing and fun. 


The Arrowhead School store has a small selection of hard candies. The store does sell blow pops. 


Audrey Saloga, Arrowhead sophomore, says her favorite hard candy are “Jolly Ranchers” and she gets them from “Target”. Saloga also says “my favorite flavor jolly rancher is definitely blue raspberry.”