Insight to Tower’s Daily Life

Elyse Jungbluth and Eiley Brahm

Arrowhead High School offers a variety of social studies classes. Social Studies 9, AP Government and Politics, Sociology, Western Civilization, United States History, and more. The social studies classes cover different topics and subjects. Some classes are semester long and others are year long courses. There is also the option for the class to be daily for 40 minutes, or every other day for 84 minutes. 


Sociology is a social studies based class that covers topics about people and daily news coverings. According to the Arrowhead Home page, “Sociology is designed to help students understand the social consequences of people in groups…These include topics such as the changing role of women, the media industry, science and sports, divorce, religious cults, death and dying, problems of the elderly, and others.”  


Tim Tower teaches Sociology and Western Civilization.


Tower said, “I have been teaching for twenty-three years and twenty-one of those years have been at Arrowhead.”


When Tower decided to take a job at Arrowhead, the school already had planned to have him teach western civilization and sociology. 


“I was told I was going to be teaching Sociology and Western Civilization, but it has been a fantastic voyage and I have been lucky enough to teach the same two classes ever since the start,” Tower said. 


In addition to teaching, Tower is the advisor for the Arrowhead chapter of Junior State of America (JSA). JSA is a club that focuses on leadership and debate skills. Also its main purpose is to help educate students about politics and impactful events that have shaped how the United States functions. As this club requires time and preparation, Tower is accompanied by teacher, Tamara Lindmair who is the other main advisor.  Students are able to join this club just by showing up to meetings. There was a meeting this past Wednesday, December 14th. 


“I have a fabulous co-advisor, which helps make managing my time easier, and we work well together sharing duties,” said Tower.