Review of Arrowhead 2022

2022 is coming to an end so it’s time to take a trip down memory lane of what was the best part of 2022 at Arrowhead.             


Paige Lind, an Arrowhead junior, said she really enjoyed a Social Studies class.


Lind said, “I really enjoy Global Relations with Mr. Chris Herriot. It’s a really informative class that gives me a wide perspective on different issues in different areas of the world. We learn about different issues in different countries around the world. The class is also really hands-on and we get to participate in a lot of projects!”    


Others like Ava Ramos, an Arrowhead senior, say, “Chinese 2 with Ms. Serena Powers, or Acting with Mrs. Maralynn Markano has been my favorite class this academic year.”


Another elective that Emily Cha, an Arrowhead Junior really enjoys is Yearbook with Jana Danay. Cha says, “I love Yearbook because I get to be creative and branch out artistically.” 


She remembered some amazing moments that made 2022 really memorable. Cha said, “The first football playoff game was such an exciting time because I got to stand on the sidelines and take photos which was something I’ve never done before. 


Students also got to go outside of the high school’s campus to create exciting memories as well.


Many classes and clubs engaged in field trips to various locations. Locations included Milwaukee Art Museum (Writing Club and AP Art), Nashotah Fire Department (Health Occupations), Wisconsin Center and The Hilton (DECA), and more.


Alyson Lo, an Arrowhead senior who took part in the Health Occupation. She says, “For Health occupations, our class went to the Lake country fire station in Nashotah to learn about what they do there and we got to participate in some activities. We knocked down a door and went through an obstacle course. It was really fun.”


Other activities such as Prom and Homecoming took place this year as well. 


Ramos says, “I enjoyed Homecoming more this year at least, my fun meter for prom was at 10% when I wanted it to be 200%.”


Britney Ebert, an Arrowhead senior, says how much she enjoyed Prom 2022. She says, “I really enjoyed myself at Prom 2022, some of my most favorite moments were blasting my eardrums with loud music and wearing an awesome dress.”


Ebert also said she is extremely excited for what 2023 holds. She said, “I am looking forward to making memorable moments with my senior class, like anything but a backpack and bad parking day, etc.”


2023 is 16 days away and it’s going to be very exciting what is in store for Arrowhead students.